About us

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Our mission:

To detect more instances of breast cancer, earlier

To achieve this mission, we are on a journey to ultimately provide a screening device. So far, we have proven the ability to identify regions in the breast that correspond to invasive breast cancer in all tissue densities, particularly in dense tissue, an area we know today’s screening tools struggle.


How we achieve our mission

We make MARIA, a breast scanning system that is comfortable for the patient and can be used frequently and from a much younger age in order to detect breast cancer earlier. The whole team at Micrima come to work every day because we believe there has to be a better way to detect this disease earlier and prevent some of these deaths.


Our values

Meaningful Innovation

We constantly seek out inspiration to solve the big issues in the world.


Think beyond what is conventionally acceptable.


We can see a clear vision of the future we are creating together, as a team.


We strive to do our best every day and have fun while doing it.


We Inspire others with our insights and collaboration.


We are part of the team because we believe in what we are trying to achieve and know the vital part we play in that.


Never stop reaching and growing.

Continuous Improvement

We are continually seeking ways of improving.


Evaluate and learn from our successes and failures.


Engage our customers and end-users in ensuring our developments best meet their needs. It’s better to fail and learn than not to try.


We measure and act on what matters most but do it at pace.


We savour the surprises (good and bad) and share success.


The strength of the team is each individual member and the contribution they make, working together and in the same direction.


Meet the board


Nick Randall

Non-Exec Chairman


Professor Alan Preece

Non-Executive Director & Founder

Adrian Waller

Adrian Waller

Chief Executive Officer

Nick Simmonds photo 2.gif

Nick Simmonds

Non-Executive Director

Leigh headshot.jpg

Leigh Cornock 

Chief Technical Officer


Kevin D'Silva

Non-Executive Director