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Redefining cancer diagnostics.

Micrima Mission:

To detect more instances of breast cancer, earlier.

What do we do?

We have developed MARIA, a breast scanning system that uses radio waves instead of X-rays. It’s been proven in clinical trials to identify regions of interest that correspond to cancer. MARIA doesn’t compress the breast to scan, so it’s more comfortable for women.


What's coming next?

It’s time for the next steps. A system that can give you a density score without the need for ionising radiation. All with no breast compression.


How MARIA works

Interested in bringing MARIA to your hospital or clinic?

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More information about MARIA

How MARIA works

See how the MARIA breast scanning system works.


Our clinical trials

Find out about the clinical trial results of MARIA.


Product information

Already using MARIA? View resources about the machine.


Two posters accepted for ECR 2022

Two posters have been accepted for ECR 2022 involving MARIA®, our new breast scanning system....

Successful Install of System in Leeds

Micrima had a successful install of the system in Leeds, with it ready to begin data collection in January....

Successful Attendance at RSNA

RSNA was again a face to face meeting in 2021 and Micrima’s CEO, Adrian Waller and Commercial Director, Elizabeth Blake attended the meeting....