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ECR 2018 Micrima’s involvement


ECR 2018 Micrima’s involvement


Micrima attended with ECR 2018 in Vienna this year with an exhibition booth showing the latest developments to the Radio-wave imaging system MARIA.

The booth was very busy with clinicians and distributors from all over the world wanting to hear the latest information. Micrima also had a poster as part of the Congress showing how MARIA can be used to measure breast density.

On Friday the second of March after the main congress closed Micrima held a New Technology New Horizons event in downtown Vienna for a selected group of clinicians and Distributors. The attendees heard from the company about how the technology works and the results to date before hearing from 2 clinicians. Dr Richard Sidebottom and Dr Ritse Mann who will be working with Micrima on the next 2 studies.


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Two posters accepted for ECR 2022

Two posters have been accepted for ECR 2022 involving MARIA®, our new breast scanning system.