The MARIA breast imaging system has been developed in response to the need for a breast scanning system that is effective in all tissue types, and that is painless and harmless.

  • The system consists of a horizontal bed with an aperture and a hemispherical scanning head located underneath it.

  • The patient lies in a prone position with the breast to be scanned pendant through the bed opening so that it is aligned over the scanning head.

  • In order to ensure maximum contact between the patient’s breast and the system, a fluid similar to a body lotion is applied over the surface of the breast.

  • There is no breast compression involved with MARIA, as the breast is fitted comfortably in the scanning array.

  • The MARIA system is designed to accommodate patients with different breast sizes.


The total scanning time of a breast is less than 1 minute with image generation taking less than 5 minutes.

The MARIA system is not cleared for use by the FDA.

*Video represents the 6th generation MARIA, the 7th generation will launch soon.