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MARIA Technology

Learn about the MARIA system and the clinical benefits that it delivers by applying radiowave radar technology to breast cancer imaging.

Clinical Benefits

Breast cancer is the most common cause of death in women between the ages of 35 and 55 in Europe, and the leading cause of death in many countries.

Early diagnosis dramatically improves survival rates, yet most tumours are not discovered early enough – particularly in younger women - in part due to the difficulty in discriminating between cancers and dense tissue.

Micrima's MARIA imaging system offers the following key advantages in determining early and accurate diagnoses:

  • Accurate - Suitable for younger women - capable of detecting pathologies in dense tissue.
  • Safe - MARIA is a non-ionising system enabling routine and repeated screening.
  • Fast - Imaging takes less than five minutes.
  • Comfortable - Designed to meet the ergonomic requirements of an international patient population. The system has been designed to avoid breast compression.
  • Complementary - Offers information that can be used as a powerful adjunct to existing techniques such as X-ray mammography and ultrasound.

Product Information

  • The system consists of a horizontal couch with an aperture and a hemispherical scanning head located underneath it.
  • The patient lies in a prone position with their breast pendant through the bed opening so that it is aligned over the scanning head.
  • In order to ensure maximum contact between the patient’s breast and the system, a fluid similar to a body lotion is applied over the circumference of the breast.
  • There is no breast compression involved with MARIA, as the breast is fitted comfortably in the scanning head.
  • The MARIA system is designed to accommodate patients with different breast sizes.
  • The total scanning time of a breast is less than 1 minute with image generation taking less than 5 minutes.

MARIA scanning head with cutaway view showing radiowave array.

MARIA Imaging

  • The MARIA scanning head consists of 60 elements that sequentially transmit a microwave pulse while all the remaining elements collect the reflected data.
  • The collected data from the MARIA system are processed using a focussing algorithm in order to create an image of the energy distribution within the breast volume.
  • The energy within the MARIA image is a metric of the reflectivity of the various tissues within the breast.

Animation showing MARIA imaging data within a breast volume.


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